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we teach the gentle disruption of routine as a path to recognize patterning and to promote congruence of inner values and outer action.

we foster pro-social behavior: social responsibility (respond-ability)

we search for alternative notions to living models

the alignment we teach is to position what one feels and what one does with what one values, so that the way we move is political, ecological, ethical, authentic, informed and kind.


i am a yoga teacher dedicated to cultivated inquiry, mindful movement and restorative pause. i am a musician, chef, philosopher and ecologist. my educational background is in sustainability, environmental ethics, the holistic kitchen and rock and roll. i'm currently studying systemic pattern recognition, non-violent communication and mediation. all of this informs greatly how i move in life and practice.

dynamic mindfulness

diplomas and certifications:

550 hour foundational and advanced yoga teacher training in the zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness method, which is founded on holistic movement principles and rooted in the zen (chan) buddhist philosophy.

bachelor of science in sustainability and environmental Ethics

permaculture Design Certification ongoing training in:

Mediation, Systemic Coaching, Non-Violent Communication
work is informed by
bonnie bainbrige cohen
zen yoga by dynamic mindfulness
katy bowman/move your DNA
body mind centering + bonnie b. cohen
permaculture design
jin shin jyutsu
dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
the axis-syllabus
transpersonal psychology
yoga classes
taught in the spirit of mindful movement, cultivated inquiry and restorative pause.


contemplate felt sense
pay attention to what arises
find your ground

an active flow class integrating breath with movement. Movement between postures is slow, allowing less time for disassociation and more space for physical and mental challenge. slowing down inhibits routine movement patterning, allowing space for novel and diverse approaches to situations - bringing breath, awareness and attention to these junctures.

yoga + the ecology movement

10 week course on mindful movement, consumption, dialogue with lifestyle habits, investigating how and why we move the way we do and incorporating varying modalities into every day life to expand the relationship to ourselves, others, our communities and places we inhabit locally and globally.

10 week course grounding and breath work support in painting, drawing and sculpting open group classes.

private classes

one on one or a small group of people in person (at home or in studio) or online.

educational environments

  • schools
  • work environments
  • corporate yoga